As an artist, my primary  experience of the world is visual. My gift is the ability to communicate this experience through art. My art is derived  from my participation in and observation of the dance of life around me. Whatever the subject, it is my intention to reach beyond the simple reflection of a physical object, to communicate to the viewer on a deeper level. I am interested in the interplay of light, shadow and  texture in defining form and expressing the living energy of the subject.  My goal is to encourage people to observe life more thoughtfully .

My primary medium is soft pastel. I prefer pastel for a number of reasons,  it's directness of execution, the unmatched brilliance and vibrancy of color, it's versatility and permanence.  My style has evolved naturally from the interaction between the medium and my artistic vision.


Scheduled Events

Boulder Plein Air Festival

April 28th - May 5th 2019


Ute Mountain Tree

Pastel Painting, Image 24 x 20, $2500 Framed


Arctic Sunset

Pastel painting, Image 21 x 27 Inches, $2000 framed